Storycubes history

Ben is to blame for all of this.

It started with an email on August 17th:
Subject: I want to do this.
Message: [link to the announcement of the Sukkah City STL call for entries]. Maybe Act3/Beacon should collaborate? You know, with all that free time we have.
In addition to remembering that I'd seen something about the original Sukkah City in NYC last year, I immediately thought of my friend Joe Brinkmann, the most creative and socially passionate architect I know. It turned out some people at Joe's office (Trivers) had been tossing around some ideas for the competition, and his response to my inquiry included the phrase "my head is swimming with possibilities."

With the submission deadline a mere 23 days away, we met for a planning lunch on August 22nd and it (thankfully) quickly became clear that our ideas meshed along similar themes: interaction, storytelling, flexibility and relevance. For the next meeting, Joe pulled in Camila, who expertly took Joe's initial napkin sketch into the world of measured handbreadths and cubits. Two meetings later and some word-smithing by Eric (Act3) we had our concept. Storycubes.